Wholesale EDIBLES


Our edibles are all lab-tested so you only buy the best wholesale Deta-8 and CBD edibles for your store. Your customers deserve the best cannabis products, so we only use the finest ingredients in our edibles. Your customers will love our award-winning edible formulas and that they have all natural ingredients.
Stock up on our CBD gummies, made with organic cane sugar and pure cannabidiol. Choose from several different flavors, including strawberry lemonade, green apple, watermelon, and tropical fruit. Available in 10mg, 20mg and 25mg doses to best suit your customers' needs
Delta-8 Gummies
Enjoy our same award-winning gummy formula now infused with lab-tested and vetted Delta-8 THC. 
Try our Simply Crafted Syrup, made with 100% real fruit and nano-emulsified water soluble cannabidiol, which makes it perfect to mix with any beverage. This 1000mg CBD syrup allows your customer to micro or mega dose.

If you're looking for something sugar-free, you can pick up some of our cold-pressed capsules, available alone or infused with melatonin or curcumin. Or try CBD in it's most versatile form, 99.9% pure isolate, perfect for mixing into almost anything, even making your own oils and topicals!
Whichever one of our products you choose, we guarantee your customers will be coming back for more!